Declaration on data security

DPAU’s Approach

DPAU takes rigorous controls on data security. Some of the features are as follows:

  • DPAU is supported by the Monash eResearch Centre and Helix at Monash University and utilises the Monash University hosted Secure eResearch Platform (Monash SeRP). Monash SeRP is operated and managed under ISO 9001 quality management standards, and aims to be certified for ISO 27001, a global standard for information security, in 2022.
  • Data is anonymised. DPAU follows a strict data quality review process before onboarding data and releasing data to approved researchers to ensure that no personal data is included.
  • Data custodians of Contributing Research Studies (CRS) have full control of who can access what part of their data.
  • DPAU provides access to data using a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure so that DPAU can provide worldwide accessibility without physical transfer of data.
  • The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is opened and accessed with a secure VPN connection, two-factor authentication via a username and password and mobile authenticator. These extra steps of security ensure that only permitted users can connect to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with a secure connection.
  • Raw data files provided can only be accessed and edited by strictly limited personnel - such as entrusted DPAU staff or the data provider – at all times.
  • No data files are not permitted to be exported outside the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Results, outputs and derived data are permitted to be exported upon DPAU review and approval.

Researchers can learn more about the DPAU Analysis Environment on the DPAU Data Portal website.


Further information

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